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orthodontics in Sarnia  ONIf you have crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth, then you may be embarrassed to share your smile with others. Besides being an aesthetic issue, orthodontic problems can make it difficult to speak or chew. It also puts you at risk of infections like periodontal diseases and TMJ disorders. If you struggle with an improper bite, Dr. Sara Elhawli and her skilled team at Oak Acres Dental can create a personalized orthodontic treatment to correct your bite.

With the help of our friendly team, you can get the appliances you need to reposition your teeth, align your jaws, and attain an even smile. To learn more about our orthodontics in Sarnia and the surrounding areas, schedule an appointment with us today!


When Should You Seek Orthodontic Care?

Knowing when to seek orthodontic care improves the success of your treatment. It also helps to arrest issues and prevent the need for invasive treatments like tooth extractions and surgeries. While some patients experience visible signs, others may have undiagnosed needs that a visit to a dentist will reveal. If you notice unwanted gaps, jaws that extend too far forward or back, or jaws that shift improperly, consult our dentist.

Other noticeable but invisible signs include regularly biting on the inside of your cheeks and teeth grinding. Regular dentist visits can identify potential orthodontic issues and enable you to seek early treatments. Here are some of the common problems our team can fix:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Overlapping teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Open bites
  • Crossed bites

Orthodontic Treatments to Meet Your Needs

Oak Acres Dental offers reliable orthodontics in Sarnia to address the varied needs of you and your family. We tailor our treatments to fit your specific situation. Treatment options you can expect at our practice include:

Phase I and Phase II Orthodontics

Whenever necessary, our practice provides Phase I and Phase II orthodontic treatments for kids and teens. Phase I orthodontics involves monitoring your child's dental development to help create a proper environment for adult teeth to erupt correctly. We offer Phase 1 orthodontics for kids beginning at age six. Treatment options for Phase I orthodontics include spacers and expanders.

Phase II orthodontics is also available for kids starting around age eleven, although it can begin any time after permanent teeth emerge. The treatment involves actively correcting your child's bite or misalignment using dental appliances. Traditional dental braces are the usual choice in Phase II orthodontics.

Traditional braces consist of metal brackets and wires that attach to your teeth and gradually exert pressure to reposition them. Our Sarnia braces are available to kids and teens. Your child may qualify for dental braces if their teeth are free of tooth decay or infection. Traditional braces can correct mild to complex dental issues, making them an ideal solution for your child’s orthodontic needs.

Invisalign® treatment consists of clear removable aligners made of thin plastic custom trays that you wear on your teeth. It uses modern techniques to exert pressure on your teeth and gently shift them to their ideal positions. We use iTero® scanners to take accurate images of your teeth and create custom trays that fit perfectly to discreetly straighten your smile. Invisalign is effective in treating mild to moderate alignment issues.

It's important that you wear Invisalign aligners for at least 22 hours daily to see results and only remove them when eating, drinking, or cleaning your teeth. Given the commitment it requires, our Sarnia Invisalign treatment is only available to patients 18 years and older. When using Invisalign aligners, you should change them every two weeks as your bite improves. We monitor your progress every 4-6 weeks and will make any adjustments necessary to your treatment.

How To Maintain Your Orthodontic Results

Relapse can occur due to the pressure from your tongue, cheeks, and connective tissue to shift your teeth once you no longer use braces or aligners. However, after treatment, you can prevent your teeth from moving back to their original position. The best way to maintain your results is by using retainers after you complete your orthodontic treatments. You can get removable or permanent retainers, depending on your specific dental situation.

If you have removable retainers, it is vital to wear them as directed by our dentist. After the first few weeks, you may only need to wear the retainers when sleeping to maintain results. However, you should wear your retainers as part of your daily routine if you want to keep your new smile. Cleaning your teeth properly and wearing your retainers help ensure a long-lasting straight smile.

Improve the Appearance of Your Smile Today

If you struggle with dental misalignment and bite problems, our orthodontics in Sarnia can help you enhance your smile's function and appeal. At Oak Acres Dental, we have a team of compassionate and dedicated staff who take pride in providing quality dental care services and delivering a positive experience to all our patients. Get in touch with us today for your orthodontic treatments in Sarnia!


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