Post Surgery Home Care - Sarnia Dental Clinic - Dentist Sarnia

Proper home treatment is important in the care of your wounds of the mouth following the removal of teeth or orther oral surgery. Our patients are given written home care instructions sheets following their surgical appointment. If any difficulty arises or you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the office at 519-336-4291 or the after hours number provided to you.

Medications may have been given or prescribed for your comfort and well being. Follow the instructions closely and read the material provided to you by your Pharmacist. Any reactions should be reported to the office, pharmacy and/or Emergency department immediately.

Following oral surgery, oozing of blood for 24-48 hours is common. A small amount of blood can mix with saliva and appear like alot. Monitor the discharge. Its best to maintain an upright position. Do not drink hot beverages. Do not use a straw. Do not rinse for the first day of surgery. Bite down with firm pressure for 30 minutes on a gauze pad and change the pads a few times.

Swelling within the first 72 hours could be controlled by the application of ice for the first day only. 15 minutes on the area followed by a 5 minute break . Repeat.

Smoking and Alcohol should be avoided for the first week following surgery.

One week following surgery, we will see you at the office for an exam and post surgical follow-up. Any sutures will be removed at that time.

Our patients may  contact us if they have any questions or concerns about their post surgical care.