My experience as a handicapped person arriving in a wheelchair for a dental appointment was very accommodating. The handicap parking spot was positioned in the parking lot to allow me to access the ramp to the Clinic safely. I was greeted at the door by a staff professional who then guided me to and helped with my Transfer from my wheelchair to the dentist's chair. The atmosphere within the dental clinic was warm and welcoming. The dental Technologist prepared me to see the dentist by addressing my concerns and making me comfortable. Doctor Sarah's approach is a combination of professionalism and approachability seasoned with whimsy. She understood my concerns and adapted her procedure accordingly thereby providing me with The best dental care I've received in a very long time. Durning the procedure my wife met with the administration staff who prepared us for departure at the end of my Procedure. In Recognition of one of the best dental appointments that I've had in a very long time.

Bob Hember

My husband has been going to dr. Sara’s practice for years. Our kids have recently started seeing her and her staff. The care and work is Excellent. Dr. Sara makes an uneasy child’s visit so much fun! They explain the process, So the kids feel safe and comfortable. I would highly Recommend this practice! Thank you!

Laura Robinson

Dr.Elhawli is very sweet as well as all the staff, they make you feel very comfortable and make going to the dentist a fun experience. I recommend this dental office!

Firdauz H.

Just Fantastic, Sarah is the best, kindest person I have ever met.

Gregg H.

Excellent care during a pandemic. Friendly, professional all the way. Really appreciated the comfortable atmosphere during a very stressful time.

Dennis W.

Always very professional and friendly.

Graeme W.

All of the staff are friendly and helpful and they do a great job.

Yusuf H.

This is not my first time at Oak Acres Dental. It is highly recommend and I am confident that everyone will be pleased from the 1st visit. Dr. Sara Elhawli and her team are so nice and professional. You are simply in good hands. All the best

Khalid A.

Always leave smiling

Jacque W.

Dr Sara, Todd hygienist and the dental receptionists are all very friendly. My daughters love Dr Sara. She has so kind and calming with all she does during our visits. I highly recommend this Dental Office

Tara F.

I've would NEVER have even dreamed that the complicated repair on a cracked molar would be as enjoyable and entertaining as it was with Dr. Sara at Oak Acres Dental! The team of Sara & Sara were both professional, knowledgeable, engaging and amusing. It was difficult not to laugh with hands in my mouth. Painless, effective and relaxing. I look forward to going back! (...such a wierd thought, but true!)

Janice V.

We have been searching for a good dentist for a long while now and finally came under the care of Dr. Elhawli. She's simply amazing! This week Sara took my mom in and went over and beyond to make her feel comfortable and pain free. She's professional and friendly. My mom came out feeling good and had never seen a dentist so compassionate and with such amazing bedside manners. Truely a gem in Sarnia! Thanks Sara and team!

Halla F.

I can't even put into words how grateful I am for the care my daughter receives from Dr. Sara and all staff! The only reason my daughter made it through her dental work, is because of Dr. Sara's kind and calm demeanor. She was beyond patient, listened, and made my daughter feel welcome, comfortable, and safe.

My daughter is 24yrs old, but developmentally 5yrs old. She has Autism, epilepsy, movement disorder, high violence, heart defects, and REM sleep disorder. She can be extremely difficult in a good day. She loves Dr. Sara and that means the world coming from her.

Thank you for making a very stressful time the best it could possibly be. Thank you for caring

Nikki T.

I was referred to go to Dr.Sara by many people. They spoke of the office and staff as exceptional. I originally came to fix A tooth that i was so insecure about. Dr. Sara took the extra time to make sure that all my work was done properly. She gave me quick breaks in between, and continuously checked and rechecked to make sure everything was good, Shes a perfectionist! I cannot express how happy I am with my results. I highly recommend Dr. Sara for your future dental work.


From dentist phobia to comfort! Dr. sara and Her team have a way of putting you at ease from the moment You make the first contact. I was terrified of going to the dentist from early childhood and now book my appointments in advance. Thanks Dr. Sara!!!



I Don’t worry about going to the dentist anymore. Always met with a smile, my anxieties About dental care are so much less here. Thanks for another successful appointment.


Dr. Elhawli and her staff take very good care of their clients. Anyone with misgivings about seeing a dentist would be put right at ease. Dr. Sara is reassuring and very knowledgeable when it comes to blocking the necessary nerves for a pain free experience. I very highly recommend her practice.



David Cadieux

From dentist phobia to comfort! Dr. sara and Her team have a way of putting you at ease from the moment You make the first contact. I was terrified of going to the dentist from early childhood and now book my appointments in advance. Thanks Dr. Sara!!!


Great Practice!



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